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AS SEEN ON GROUPON - We always honor "All" Groupon, Living Social, VB Hot Deals, and other 3rd Party Coupon Site Pricing In-House which means that we will charge you the same exact price you see advertised on Groupon, Living Social, VB Hot Deals, etc. If they offer you additional savings that are lower than our specials, simply call us to manually book your appointment and adjust the price to match the extra savings. All discounted services must be Pre-Paid at time of booking appointment. As a Disabled Veteran Owned Non-Profit Organization, we need all the support we can, to ensure we are able to comtinue our works in our communities.


All Couples Massages MUST Must be booked over the Phone via Call or Text. When you text, please understand you must receive a response that your appointment time has been confirmed. Couples Massages require TWO (2) Therapists and the software will not allow you to select two therapists. All Couples Massages must be manually booked. All other Appointments can be booked online and must be Pre-Paid. If You Are Booking A Couples Massage, You Must Call Or Text 757-637-0189 With Your Second Party's First & Last Name And Their Email Address For Their Client Intake Form. Thank you for your loyal support.

Romantic Couples Massage

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In 2018 Fifty Million Americans consulted with doctors regarding massage treatment.
In 2018 Twenty Nine Million Five Hundred Thousand patients were referred to a massage therapist by a health care provider.
Between July 2017 and July 2018, surveys indicate that roughly 47.5 and 63.6 million adult Americans (which is 19 - 28 percent of all Americans) had a massage at least once.